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The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book


by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Introduction

In A Nutshell

Get ready for battle, it's Yook versus Zook,
That's what goes down in The Butter Battle Book.

Which side should you spread when you butter your bread?
For Yooks it's the top; Zooks, the bottom instead.
Between the two lands, they build a big wall,
That soars over everyone—the big and the small.

The issue, to us, isn't that big a deal,
But to these ooky fellas, it feels very real.

The Yooks cook up new weapons each night,
Bring them to the wall, and stand in Zook sight.

But each gadget made by the Yookeroo nation,
Is topped by a scarier Zookish creation
And so, Dr. Shmeuss fans, the arms race begins.
Yook betters Zook, and Zook trumps once again.

The Top Secret, deadly Big-Boy Boomeroo,
Is the final big bomb—they've both got one, too.
And there the tale ends with no way to see:
"Who's going to drop it?/ Will you...? Or will he...?"

The Battle Book was published in ol' 84
During that time that we call the Cold War.
West vs. East, the war wasn't small,
How do we know? Think the Berlin Wall.

Now the war's ended and the wall's fallen down,
But the Yook and Zook lesson will always resound.


Why Should I Care?

The Butter Battle Book deals with some scary stuff. Sure, it was published during the Reagan era while Cold War tensions were still high, but the young Yook faces the same questions that we do today in a world where nuclear weapons are a reality.

Yes, the Berlin Wall is long gone, and the United States and the Russia no longer threaten each other with mutual annihilation, but a quick look at the news tells us that ultimate weapons are still a threat. The Butter Battle Book helps us process these frightening events, and with a cliffhanger ending, forces us to think for ourselves.

Why Your Kids Should Care

Nobody likes to be told what to do—especially kids. And guess what? The cliffhanger at the end of The Butter Battle Book asks kids to confront an intellectually and morally challenging scenario for themselves. Is grandfather Yook right? Is it okay to threaten someone to keep them from threatening you? Are the Yooks and the Zooks really that different? No one's telling them what to believe—Dr. Seuss is just providing some food for thought.

You'll see that kids have surprisingly different answers, too. A 1984 interview in USA Today that shows that kids frequently asked adults why the Yooks and Zooks could just talk to each other (source). Big duh moment for us adults.

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