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The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book


by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Competition Quotes

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Quote #1

"those Zooks will be sorry they started this game." (47)

We all know that a friendly game can turn into something a little less friendly. The Chief Yookeroo dubs the conflict a game, but things escalate pretty quickly. A good lesson for the little ones to make sure their games don't turn nasty.

Quote #2

everyone cheered and their cheers filled the sky:
"Fight! Fight for the Butter Side Up! / Do or die!" (96-8)

Everyone loves a cheerleader. And no competition is complete without fans. Here's the thing, though. These particular fans spur on the competition and increase its intensity and its potential animosity.

Quote #3

"We didn't do. And we didn't quite die.
But we sure did get worsted, poor Daniel and I." (100-102)

Yowza. We didn't quite die? The competition is getting pretty intense. Gramps should probably take a chill pull, but he's too caught up in the competition to see the bigger picture.

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