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The Butter Battle Book Fear Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Line)

Quote #1

If he dared to come close
I could give him a twitch
with my tough-tufted
prickely Snick-Berry Switch. (34-37)

Grandpa starts things off with a threat. His goal? To inspire fear in the Zooks so they'll stay away. Of course, people don't like to live in fear, and sure enough, the threat backfires.

Quote #2

For a while that worked fine
All the Zooks stayed away
and our country was safe.
Then one terrible day
a very rude Zook by the name of VanItch
snuck up and slingshotted
my Snick-Berry Switch! (38-44)

Case in point. VanItch shows up to prove he won't let fear scare him off. And like the Rebel Alliance taking out the Death Star, VanItch destroys the Yook weapon.

Quote #3

Poor Daniel and I were scared out of our witz!
Once more, by VanItch I was bested and beat.
Once again I limped home from the Wall in defeat. (109-111)

Poor puppy. By now, Grandpa's original fear of different buttering strategies is kind of a moot point. The arms race is in full force and is being carried along by nationalist fervor.

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