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The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book


by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Lines 110-124 Summary

The Butter-Up Band

  • You might be starting to notice a pattern. Once again, Grandpa was one-upped by VanItch. That's just how these things go. Kind of like shampoo: rinse and repeat.
  • Yep, there's no stopping in an arms race, but this time the band's shown up. 
  • As Grandpa returns home in defeat, his spirits are raised by the Butter-Up Band and the Right-Side-Up Song Girls. 
  • Everyone's stoked. Yook pride is high, even though Grandpa was bested. 
  • It's all about team spirit as the Right-Side-Up Song Girls sing, "Oh, be faithful! / Believe in thy butter!" (122-23). 
  • It's a good day to be a Yook, and this pride isn't picky. It spreads like butter—from the pride in new weapons all the way to how Yooks butter their bread.

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