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The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book


by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Lines 125-151 Summary

Rinse and Repeat

  • By now, the arms race is in full swing. 
  • Grandpa returns to Chief Yookeroo to discover that he's been promoted to general. What does that mean? Not sure, but it comes with a fancy hat. 
  • The Chief explains that "The Big War is coming. You're going to begin it!" (128)
  • The Yook Back-Room Boys are one step ahead this time. There's no catching these boys with their trousers down.
  • Instead of responding to each new threat posed by VanItch, they have invented something new even before Grandpa returns. 
  • This time, Grandpa gets a giant running machine. It's pretty goofy looking and nobody knows "quite exactly what it would do" (140). 
  • One thing it does do? "[S]prinkle Blue Goo" to contaminate the Zook's bread (141). 
  • Unlike the guns, this new weapon targets the food supply. Talk about fighting dirty.
  • You know who else has a Blue-Gooer? You guessed it: VanItch. And his "Blue-Gooer is working just fine!" (149). 
  • It seems like no one is going to win this arms race. For every move the Yooks make, the Zooks match it. 
  • Frustrating, right? But maybe that's the point—yes, there's a point—Seuss is trying to make?

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