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The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book


by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Lines 44-70 Summary

This Means War

  • Grandpa turns—tail between his legs—and flees. He takes his broken switch with him and runs to Chief Yookeroo. 
  • It's unclear at this point whether the Chief was already involved or if Grandpa and the Border Patrol were acting independently. The Chief doesn't seem to need much of an excuse jump in, though.
  • The first (and only) shot was fired, and there are no do-overs in this war. 
  • Chief Yookeroo is quick to blame the Zooks for what will become an all-out arms race saying, "those Zooks will be sorry they started this game" (47). 
  • He then gives Grandpa new threads and a new "Triple-Sling Jigger" (52). It's hard to tell which he's more excited about.
  • The new toys pump Grandpa back up, making him feel "much bigger" (53). 
  • He returns to "the Wall with great vim and great vigor" (54) and threatens VanItch. 
  • Once again, Grandpa feels safe because he has the bigger stick. 
  • Now it's VanItch's turn to run away, but he'll be back.
  • It isn't long until VanItch comes back, and he's got new clothes and a new toy, too. It's a defensive weapon called a "Jigger-Rock Snatchem" that sends the rocks that Grandpa shoots "back just as quick as we catch'em" (66-67). 
  • But check this out: VanItch's weapon requires Grandpa to shoot first, and it makes Grandpa's weapon useless.

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