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The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book


by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Setting

Where It All Goes Down

Yookville and Zookville

The bordering Yook and Zook nations sure are hoppin', and we're not surprised. After all, Dr. Seuss sure knew how to create a world.

Here's what we know about these two places:

  • They're divided by a massive wall.
  • They appear to be filled with pleasant green fields and rolling hills. Looks like a nice place to vacation, which kind of puts a damper on everything.
  • Both the Yook and the Zook houses look exactly the same. Not a lot of variance in design. Just saying. Maybe the designers are on vacation.

Bottom line, these two areas are pretty stinkin' similar. Why does this matter? Well, it suggests that maybe their conflict doesn't come from an innate difference between the Yooks and Zooks—just from their own prejudices against the other's culture.

The Office

On a smaller level, we also get a nice glimpse into Chief Yookeroo's office. The first time we see it, it looks pretty standard. The Chief's desk is covered with papers, but nothing too cluttered. But gradually, the office becomes more barren. In the second appearance, the bread and butter art on is gone, and the Back Room Boys are more prominent. The next time, there are papers all over the floor, and one of the Back Room Boys has—gasp!—come out of the back room. And the last time we see the office, it's dark and there are papers scattered everywhere. There's even a vase of wilted flowers on the desk: womp womp.

Looks like the office is in tune with the rest of the story—things are looking pretty bleak.

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