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The Butter Battle Book
The Butter Battle Book
by Dr. Seuss

The Butter Battle Book Technology & Modernization Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"Our slingshots have failed.
That was old-fashioned stuff.
Slingshots, dear boy,
are not modern enough." (74-77)

The shift from simple tools like slingshots to advanced machines like guns is kind of a big deal. See, we have total control over slingshots—guns, not so much. With each new weapon, Grandpa seems to have less and less control.

Quote #2

This machine was so modern, so frightfully new,
no one knew quite exactly just what it would do! (139-140)

Technological development has allowed the Zooks and Yooks to make a machine that even they don't completely understand. This can't end well. Just like in the Cold War, the goal was to develop better technologies without really questioning the results.

Quote #3

"They've thought up a gadget that's Newer than New.
It is filled with mysterious Mook-Lacka-Moo
and can blow all those Zooks clear to Sala-ma-goo." (165-67)

Chemical weapons, anyone?

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