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Caedmon's <em>Hymn</em>

Caedmon's Hymn


by Caedmon

Caedmon's Hymn Resources


The Bede Story

Read about the miracle in all its unedited glory, Latin on the left and English on the right.


Click through this index of kennings used in Skaldic poetry (produced in medieval Scandinavia) to discover the weird and wild imagination of early poets.


Caedmon in a Windbreaker

This dude gets down with the Old English original while walking in a winter wonderland.

Beards and Bedes

Since when do Vikings own desk chairs?


Harp Out to the Original

Scroll down to number 2 to listen to the West-Saxon original, complete with harp.

Librivox Reading

Here's another audio version in West-Saxon.


The Cowherd on the Cowhide

This site has a dry introduction but about halfway down you can click on two images of manuscripts which contain the Old English version as marginalia (stuff written in the margins).

Just Hanging in my Capital B

This is from a manuscript called the Leningrad Bede, an early Anglo-Saxon copy of Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People. In addition to wearing rouge, this guy is famous for being in one of the first historiated capitals in European manuscripts. Translation: he's painted inside a gigantic letter.

Articles and Interviews


Here's an in-depth but chatty treatment of the many manuscripts Caedmon's Hymn appears in. This also has some cool images of crazy handwriting.


In Depth

For only $99, this is a one-stop multimedia volume to get your complete Caedmon fix. From the "Book Description": "the accompanying CD-ROM, intended for closer research, supplements the text of the print volume with colour digital facsimiles and interactive tools only possible in the electronic medium."

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