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California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush Trivia

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In 1852, exactly 7 of the 11,794 Chinese residents of California were women.10

In 1850, 92 percent of California's population was male.11

When gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in January 1848, California was still officially Mexican territory.

In 1850, it cost £5 to travel by ship from Liverpool to New York (3321 miles). It cost $30 to travel by ship from San Francisco to Sacramento (80 miles).

In the first nine weeks of "gold fever" in California, San Francisco merchant Samuel Brannan made more than $36,000 selling supplies to miners. That's the equivalent of more than $750,000 today. Brannan was able to sell mining pans (that he'd bought for 20¢) for $15 each.12

San Francisco burned to the ground six separate times between December 1849 and June 1851.13

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