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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

Buck Timeline and Summary

  • Buck begins the story as a pet dog on a sunny ranch in California. In his small way, he "rules over the estate," which basically means getting to chase squirrels around all day.
  • Manuel steals him.
  • He gets beaten by the man wearing the red sweater.
  • He gets sold to Perrault and François.
  • Buck adapts to snow, other dogs, and starvation.
  • Buck feels "the call."
  • There’s an initial fight with Spitz, then some time passes, and finally the ultimate fight occurs in which he kills Spitz.
  • Buck takes over as leader.
  • Buck almost dies at the abusive and ignorant hands of Hal, Charles, and Mercedes.
  • The lucky dog is saved by Thornton and develops a love for him.
  • Buck does some impressive things, like pulling obscene amounts of weight.
  • Buck becomes increasingly wild and even kills a bull.
  • Buck flips out when Thornton dies, and he kills several Yeehats as revenge.
  • Buck becomes a thing of the wild, leading a pack of wolves.