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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

The Call of the Wild Chapter 2 Summary

  • In Chapter 1, we met another alpha dog named Spitz. Know what happens when two alpha dogs are thrown together? Yeah, exactly.
  • Spitz, who's sort of running the show among the dogs, laughs when another dog, Curly, is violently (and explicitly) attacked by a mass of huskies.
  • Buck musters up some resolve.
  • Meanwhile, Buck's learning to be part of a sled-pulling team of dogs traveling vast distances.
  • We meet the rest of the cast, like Billee (nice and friendly), Joe (borderline evil), and Sol-leks (keeps to himself). Sol-leks also has a scar across one eye that makes him partially blind.
  • Life starts to not be so great. The weather's freezing and Buck's getting minimal amounts of food.
  • So he adapts—his body gets leaner and stronger and we see this idea of "law of club and fang." Basically that means that things are really primitive; brute force dictates superiority.
  • Something's stirring in Buck, and since he isn’t eating enough, it’s not dinner. It’s his primitive instincts.

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