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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

The Call of the Wild Chapter 7 Summary

  • There’s some mythical gold mine in the North that has a lot of gold in it. Thornton uses the 1,600 dollars Buck just won to set up an expedition in search of said mine.
  • It takes a long time, but they finally discover the mythical cache of gold. Jackpot.
  • Buck's happy because Thornton's happy, but he's still experiencing the call of the wild. That wild just keeps on calling.
  • Buck makes friends with a wolf and almost takes off for the wild, but remembers Thornton and returns to camp, where he is smothered with affection.
  • He kills a bear. We know what you’re thinking—bears are huge. That’s the point; Buck's awesome. He's also reminded here of how much fun it is to kill things...which makes him chafe against the pleasant domesticity of his life with Thornton. 
  • Buck starts to seem more like a wolf than a dog.
  • Fall comes and Buck kills a moose, which is no small feat. (Although it's slightly less kick-butt than destroying a bear.)
  • Buck returns to camp to find that Thornton and his men have been killed by natives of the Yeehat tribe. He retaliates and the natives flee, calling Buck an "Evil Spirit."
  • Now that Thornton's gone, Buck is on his own again, and he can finally give in to this call of the wild. He becomes the leader of the wolf pack and procreates—now the world has some cute lil' baby Bucks to continue kicking butt and taking names.

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