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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

François Timeline and Summary

  • François is Perrault’s associate and "twice as swarthy."
  • François recognizes that Buck learns quickly.
  • It becomes apparent that François is subordinate to Perrault, deferring to his knowledge.
  • François goads Buck on when he attacks Spitz for stealing his bed in the snow.
  • He and Perrault have to try to save their team and camp from the wild dogs.
  • François sacrifices his own shoes to make moccasins for Buck.
  • François has to kill Dolly with an axe when she goes mad. (Dolly = dog, by the way.)
  • François declares that Buck will someday kill Spitz.
  • He and Perrault fight with Buck when, once Spitz is dead, Buck wants to be leader.
  • François is ecstatic with Buck’s leadership abilities.
  • When the men part ways with the dogs at Skaguay, François hugs Buck.