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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

Perrault Timeline and Summary

  • Perrault immediately recognizes Buck’s value and buys him.
  • Perrault leads the team of dogs into the North, obtaining more dogs as he goes.
  • Perrault starts to come across as the smarter of the human pair, the natural leader.
  • He and François try to save their team and camp from the wild dogs.
  • Perrault shows fearlessness as a "government courier," leading the team forward.
  • When they almost fall after rim ice breaks, Perrault saves them by scaling the side of the cliff.
  • He and François fight with Buck because, once Spitz is dead, Buck wants to be lead dog.
  • Perrault commands François to give in and let Buck be the leader.
  • The men part ways with Buck at Skaguay.