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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild


by Jack London

Sol-leks (a dog)

Character Analysis

In his desire to lead the team, Buck beats out Spitz physically and Sol-leks by sheer intimidation. That’s good stuff. Sol-leks, or "the angry one," is everybody’s pick for next leader, but he folds like a bad hand of cards as soon as Buck tries to take over:

Buck remembered the man in the red sweater, and retreated slowly; nor did he attempt to charge in when Sol-leks was once more brought forward. But he circled just beyond the range of the club, snarling with bitterness and rage; and while he circled he watched the club so as to dodge it if thrown by François, for he was become wise in the way of clubs. The driver went about his work, and he called to Buck when he was ready to put him in his old place in front of Dave. Buck retreated two or three steps. François followed him up, whereupon he again retreated. After some time of this, François threw down the club, thinking that Buck feared a thrashing. But Buck was in open revolt. He wanted, not to escape a clubbing, but to have the leadership. It was his by right. He had earned it, and he would not be content with less. (4.9)

Dang. Do not mess with Buck. Sol-leks is a character in this story so that we get yet another testament to Buck’s increasing power and reputation.

Sol-leks' Timeline