The Call of the Wild
The Call of the Wild
by Jack London
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The Call of the Wild Violence Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

In mid air, just as his jaws were about to close on the man, he received a shock that checked his body and brought his teeth together with an agonizing clip. He whirled over, fetching the ground on his back and side...A dozen times he charged, and as often the club broke the charge and smashed him down. (1.32)

Violence from the men always comes from weapons, whereas Buck fights with his own body.

Quote #5

He staggered limply about, the blood flowing from nose and mouth and ears, his beautiful coat sprayed and flecked with bloody slaver. (1.33)

Violence takes its toll on Buck’s appearance.

Quote #6

There was no warning, only a leap in like a flash, a metallic clip of teeth, a leap out equally swift, and Curly's face was ripped open from eye to jaw. (2.2)

The harshness of the wild manifests itself in violent encounters with creatures of the wild.

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