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Callisto Resources


Callisto Moon

Galileo thought it was worth a look, and so do we. Check out all you need to know about Callisto, the moon of Jupiter.

Movie or TV Productions

Xena: Warrior Princess

In Xena, there's an evil warrior woman named Callisto who constantly torments everybody's favorite warrior princess. She may not be anything like the Callisto of Greek myth, but we sure do like her name.


Callisto does some damage in a bunch of the different incarnations of the X-Men franchise. Of course, instead of the pretty nymph of mythology, she's a bitter, blade-wielding mutant.


"Callisto" as Told by Sock Puppets

Somehow sock puppets make everything better.


Metamorphoses for Your Lobes

Click here to listen to Ovid's take of the tale in his Metamorphoses. It's in English, we promise.

Hughes Does Ovid

You can also listen to famous poet Ted Hughes taking a stab at it.


Little Bear, You're a Star!

In this children's book, a bear-mom and her bear-son become stars. Sound familiar?

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