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by Voltaire

Cacambo Timeline and Summary

  • Cacambo accompanies Candide from Buenos Aires to the Jesuit camp.
  • When Candide kills the Baron, Cacambo advises him to quickly leave.
  • When they are captured by the Oreillons, Cacambo communicates with them in their native language and negotiates their release.
  • While in El Dorado, Cacambo becomes restless and departs with Candide.
  • Cacambo takes some of the riches from El Dorado, agrees to meet up with Candide in Venice, and goes in pursuit of Cunégonde.
  • Cacambo finds Candide in Venice and informs him that he is a servant and that Cunégonde is in Venice.
  • Cacambo explains that the money that remained after he bought Cunégonde was stolen and they became servants.
  • Cacambo arranges for Candide and Martin to accompany him and his owner to Turkey.
  • Once they arrive, Candide buys Cacambo’s freedom.
  • Cacambo helps him find Cunégonde.
  • Cacambo lives and works on Candide’s farm.