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by Voltaire

Candide Chapter 9 Summary

  • Issachar sees Candide with Cunégonde and attacks him with his sword. Candide, conveniently armed, attacks and kills Issachar.
  • Candide and Cunégonde consult the Old Woman about what to do now that they have a dead body on their hands.
  • In the middle of their deliberation, the Inquisitor (the other man Cunégonde is trying to avoid sex with) comes into the room to visit with his sex slave.
  • Candide thinks fast and kills the Inquisitor before he has time to recover from his surprise. That’s two men dead.
  • Cunégonde is horrified.
  • The Old Woman suggests a quick escape by horseback. She’s a little nervous about her own ability to ride, since she apparently has only one buttock.
  • They escape on horseback and arrive at an inn in a small town called Avacena.

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