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by Voltaire

Candide: He Candide, Can you? Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Candide? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What does Candide share with Cunégonde, the Baron’s daughter, soon after meeting her?

A secret about her father
A kiss
The details of his maniacal plan to destroy the Earth
His dessert
Q. Who is Dr. Pangloss?

Candide’s tutor
Candide’s physician
Candide’s theology professor
Candide’s imaginary friend, who attended four years of imaginary medical school
Q. Which best describes Candide’s experience in the army?

He ascends to a high rank and is greatly respected by his fellow soldiers
He is dishonorably discharged after he is caught stealing from his commanding officer
He wears so much camouflage that when it is time for his squadron to move out, they can’t find him and he is left behind
He is abused and nearly executed
Q. Candide meets an Anabaptist who does what?

The Macarena
Turns him into the authorities
Makes him his apprentice
Robs him blind
Q. What happens on the way to Lisbon?

Candide and his fellow travelers are shipwrecked
Dr. Pangloss is lured away by an intoxicating dancer
The Anabaptist reveals to Candide that he is his father
What happens in Lisbon stays in Lisbon
Q. Why does Dr. Pangloss receive a sentence of execution?

For being a heretic
For the murder of the Anabaptist
For stealing from Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh
For buying a bootlegged copy of Moll Flanders
Q. What does Cunégonde do to improve her financial situation?

Opens her own business selling meat pies
Murders her rich uncle, who has left everything to her
Enters and wins a circuit event on the World Poker Tour
Marries a rich governor
Q. Why does Cunégonde’s brother, the Colonel, disapprove of Candide’s intent to marry his sister?

Because he is a murderer
Because of his inferior social status
Because he does not believe that he really loves her
Because he feels they would have butt-ugly children
Q. In which mythical land do Candide and his faithful servant Cacambo find themselves?

El Dorado
Middle Earth
Q. How does Candide get Cunégonde back?

He murders her wicked slavemaster
He impresses her with all of his newly acquired riches
He purchases her
With his great sense of humor, which always allows a woman to overlook all the rest of a man’s shortcomings