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by Voltaire

Candide: He Candide, Can you? True or False

1. What does Candide share with Cunégonde, the Baron’s daughter, soon after meeting her? -> A secret about her father
2. Who is Dr. Pangloss? -> Candide’s theology professor
3. Which best describes Candide’s experience in the army? -> He wears so much camouflage that when it is time for his squadron to move out, they can’t find him and he is left behind
4. Candide meets an Anabaptist who does what? -> Makes him his apprentice
5. What happens on the way to Lisbon? -> Candide and his fellow travelers are shipwrecked
6. Why does Dr. Pangloss receive a sentence of execution? -> For being a heretic
7. What does Cunégonde do to improve her financial situation? -> Marries a rich governor
8. Why does Cunégonde’s brother, the Colonel, disapprove of Candide’s intent to marry his sister? -> Because of his inferior social status
9. In which mythical land do Candide and his faithful servant Cacambo find themselves? -> Atlantis
10. How does Candide get Cunégonde back? -> He impresses her with all of his newly acquired riches