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by Voltaire

The Baron Timeline and Summary

  • Candide learns that the Baron was killed along with his parents and sister when Bulgar soldiers attacked their home.
  • Much to his surprise, Candide discovers that the Baron is the chief Colonel at a Jesuit camp outside of Buenos Aires. He learns that the Baron survived his injuries and was revived by the Jesuit priest who was about to bury him.
  • The Baron studied and became a Jesuit priest and military colonel. He was sent to Paraguay.
  • Candide informs the Baron that Cunégonde is alive and well and that they plan to marry.
  • The Baron responds with outrage. Candide, not sure what to do, stabs him. Candide is certain he’s killed the Baron and immediately leaves.
  • Years later, on the boat from Venice to Turkey, Candide finds the Baron working in the galley.
  • The Baron explains that he changed posts from Buenos Aires to Constantinople. One day, in need of a bath, he bathed in the vicinity of a Muslim man, not realizing that it was illegal for Christian and Muslim men to bathe together. The Baron was convicted for his actions and sentenced to work in the galley.
  • Candide purchases the Baron’s freedom and accompanies Candide to retrieve Cunégonde.
  • The Baron is still appalled at the idea of his sister marrying Candide.
  • Candide sells him back to the galley in response.