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Cannery Row

Cannery Row


by John Steinbeck

Cannery Row Chapter 13 Summary

  • Back to the story of Mack and the boys' camping trip.
  • The next morning, Eddie comes back with an entire stolen carburetor. They put it in the car and they're on their way.
  • On the way to the Carmel River they hit a rooster, find a bag of carrots, and steal a bag of onions. Dinner!
  • The boys find a nice spot, make a campfire and settle in to rest for a few hours, since you can only catch frogs at night.
  • Over a nice chicken dinner, Mack and the boys talk about how you can't trust a married man.
  • Mack starts wondering whether they're really throwing this party for Doc or themselves.
  • Suddenly, an angry man with a dog tells them to get off his property.
  • Mack manages to charm him, though, and everyone ends up going up to the man's house, where he just happens to have a pond full of frogs.
  •  Mack and the boys call the man "the captain."

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