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The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue & Frame Story

The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue & Frame Story


by Geoffrey Chaucer

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

The Canterbury Tales: General Prologue


1. On what kind of journey are the people going?
2. What personal qualities does the Knight possess?
3. Who is the Squire's father?
4. What is unique about the Nun's table manners?
5. How does the Nun react to the sight of an injured animal?
6. What is the Monk's favorite sport?
7. In return for hearing confessions, what does the Friar receive?
8. What does the Friar do to make a profit?
9. What is the Oxford Cleric's "only care"?
10. What kind of "sensual delight" does the Franklin enjoy?
11. When an enemy ship sank, what did the Skipper do to his prisoners?
12. Why is the Doctor described as "a perfect practicing physician"?
13. What is unique about the romantic life of the woman from Bath?
14. What makes the Parson such a good priest?
15. What does the Miller look like?
16. What is the Reeve's job?
17. How is the Pardoner's hair described?
18. In what kind of establishment do the pilgrims assemble?
19. What challenge does the Host give to the pilgrims?
20. Who must tell a story first?


1. A pilgrimage
2. Chivalry, truth, honor
3. The Knight
4. She never lets a morsel fall from her lips, and she wipes all traces of grease off her upper lip after drinking.
5. She weeps.
6. Hunting
7. Gifts from the penitents (e.g., silver pins and pocketknives)
8. Begs/offers his services for a fee
9. Studying
10. Food/eating
11. He made them walk the plank.
12. Because he knows the cause of every illness and how to treat it
13. She has been married multiple times.
14. He takes good care of his flock and doesn't seek wealth or recognition.
15. He is burly, with a red beard and a wart on his nose.
16. To manage his master's finances
17. Long, thin, and yellow, like rat-tails
18. A hostelry
19. To tell their best stories on the way to Canterbury and back. The one with the best story will receive a supper in the tavern following the pilgrimage.
20. The Knight