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Canto II

Canto II


by Ezra Loomis Pound

Canto II Resources


Pound's Modern American Poets Page

Great poems and commentary—comin' at you from the University of Illinois

Ezra Pound at Poets.org

For a smooth, trivia-packed account of Pound's life and his place in modern poetry, check out this site.

Great Timetable

For a clear timetable of Pound's life and some other cool links, follow us here.


Italian Interview with Ezra Pound

Finding film of Ezra ain't easy, so enjoy his grandfatherly kookiness. Just make sure to click cc to get captions.

Great Ezra Pound Documentary

That's right folks. After reading such a tough poem, just lean back and enjoy part one of a great doc about Pound.


Tons of Lost Pound Recordings

Check out this site for an amazing database of Pound recordings.

Zender Does Pound

Check out this cool musical interpretation of "Canto II," by composer Hans Zender.


Whacky Old Man

Whatever the title leaves out, the pic will fill in.

The Humanity

This pic gives us a good look into the suffering mind of Pound.

The Razor's Edge

Here's a rare pic of middle-aged Pound.

Articles and Interviews

The Sound of Pound: A Listener's Guide

Critic Richard Sieburth takes us through some of the things we should be looking for whenever we listen to something written by ol' Pound Cake himself.

Pound Interviewed by The Paris Review

Here you'll find some great comments from the horse's mouth, especially about his time working as a secretary for W.B. Yeats.


The Celestial Tradition: A Study of Ezra's Pound's The Cantos

Here's one critics attempt to make sense of Ezra Pound's Cantos as a whole. Whew!

Ezra Pound's Cantos: A Casebook

Here we've got a book with articles written by different experts on Pound's Cantos. Like they say, many heads are better than one.

Ezra Pound and the Mysteries of Love: A Plan for The Cantos

Now we're looking at a whole new approach to The Cantos. This author seems to think that we should read them in general as being an expression of love. You'll just have to read the book to figure out how the author can argue this.

Movies & TV

In Search of Ezra Pound

Check out this two-part TV series from way back in the '60s.

American Odyssey

Yes, we'd guess that's an appropriate title for an Ezra Pound documentary.

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