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Bell Curve


You engaged in ill-advised business dealings with a client and the deal went sour. The client sued you—the jury sympathized with the client and it broke you. Great. Now you are never getting out of Mom's basement.


You're a tax preparer at a small firm in the Midwest. You don't really put that much effort into your job—you don't do much to expand your client base, and you stagnate in your firm.


You are a talented tax preparer at a large firm. You are paid well and every now and then someone tells you, "Great job, Bob" (and then you tell them your name is Bill and then submit one). Last year you won The Golden Ledger for best multi-linked macro spreadsheet for a U.S. Domestic company.


You are an auditor working at a large accounting firm, and your high level of skill and experience results in your assignment to the accounts of only the most prominent clients. You make great money and carry the respect of your peers.


You are top dog at a huge national accounting firm. You help some of the biggest companies in the world keep their affairs in order. You get to vacation in New Zealand. On the company's jet.