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Accountant, Certified and Public

Odds of Hanging On

Because the future looks bright for the industry as a whole, your odds are good. It's growing steadily, and demand for your services should therefore only get louder. Even better if you become knowledgeable and qualified in a wide variety of accounting duties, rather than just specializing in one area while you are young in your career. Unless you speak five languages and can do sophisticated financial engineering spreadsheet analysis. In that case, go deep and go long into Wall Streetyou'll get paid a boatload and have your pick of firms that are hiring, bull markets or bear.

Just from a sanity aspect, it may also be beneficial to spend your free time engaging in activities that don't involve numbers. Play tennis without keeping score, do some baking without measuring out the ingredients or timing how long your brownies have been in the oven, go see a movie without paying attention to how much you're spending on popcorn. (Wowthese number things really are everywhere, aren't they?) It's just that you may need some time away from numbers in order to hang on mentally. It's much better for your brownies to be half-baked than for people to think that you are.