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Physical Danger

Carpal tunnel. You will be working your fingers to the bone, so this outcome is a very real possibility. Back-up plan: Learn to type with your feet. You may also experience neck or back problems from being hunched over a desk many hours a day. But you can tell everyone it’s from an old football injury if you think it will make you feel better. Get a little sign for your desk that says, "Full Contact Accounting."

And every now and then a client shows up to whom you must deliver bad news. It wasn't YOUR fault that they invested most of their money in their buddy's restaurant which went bankrupt. But they did. And now they have no dough. You explain to them that they have to sell their home, their cars, their boat. And they blame you. And happen to have a large baseball bat handy, the Louisville Slugger kind that Carrie Underwood sings about post her American Idol stint. 

Our advice: Learn to duck duck like a hungry goose.