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Bell Curve


Fresh Meat. Gigs: 0 

You can't get any work, flounder for years taking small parts in industrials and student films, and wonder why you ever decided to become an actor. Actually, this should probably go in the middle of the bell curve.


Extra Worker. Annual Gigs: 4 

You got hooked up with a good theatre company and work regularly. You make a pittance, but you're doing what you love. So what if you don't always get to have "dinner?"


Hustler. Annual Gigs: 8 

You live in Hollywood and have experienced some small measure of success. Commercials, speaking roles on popular TV shows, a few bit parts in major motion pictures. You still feel like you haven't made it, but your grandma speaks about you as if you were George Clooney.


Up-and-Comer. Annual Gigs: 12 

You're a quasi-star on Broadway. You don't have the big name recognition, but you've gotten to play some incredible parts and you make a comfortable living singing and dancing your cares away.


Movie Star. Annual Gigs: 20 

You're the next George Clooney. Everyone's really proud of you for your impressive body of work, but isn't it about time to settle down romantically? At least for a few years anyway; fifty's the new twenty-two.