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Oy, the stress. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it's awfully hard to be happy with virtually none of it. The constant pressure to find some way to pay your bills, and the nagging feeling of being stuck deep in debt, can make you reevaluate how strongly you feel about acting. Just do what your college professors advised you to do, and channel all that anxiety into your work. Good thing you're playing Willy Loman.

The big stress issue for actors is the nothingness of it all. You win in a kind of random event "accident" by being cast in a movie that's a hit. You lose in a kind of random event by being cast in a movie that's a bomb. You can't control your destiny in any way. shape, or form. And then suddenly one day your agent fires you and nobody returns your phone calls. Your financial earnings potential is close to zip and you wander aimlessly wondering why nobody is asking for autographs, to be followed on years later wondering what the glances meando you really look this old? Did s/he used to "be somebody"?

It's not stress like a pro bball player in the last two minutes. It's like quiet nagging background stress that never leaves until you have Your Done Number and don't need to work any more and sadly only a very small handful of players ever get there.

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