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Typical Day

Typical? For whom?

If you’re Brad Pitt? Interviews. Autographs. Filming on a huge soundstage. Dinner at the Palm. Gorgeous strangers asking you to sign their breasts. So…dude. Stop reading. Stop. Seriously. Go to the mirror. Lift up your shirt. Abs ripped? Shredded even like BP's big break-through in Thelma and Louise? Do you really look like him? And note that there are probably a thousand guys who do who are equally "eih" actors all vying for the gig….

But that's Brad. He's not reading a Shmoop Career Unit. You are. So odds are good that you are…struggling. And if you're an everyday struggling actor, your day is…different. Calls from bill collectors. Ramen noodles. Late shift at Top Thai. Electricity turned off. Car broken down and no funds to get it fixed. "Investment" is buying a bus schedule.

Your day can pretty much run the gamut of activities from "having to" have that extra facial and workout to meeting with your accountant who will give you tax optimizing investment opportunities, or it may mean that you are fiddling with the GPS on an old iPhone to find the location of the latest cattle call casting adventure. However, since most actors struggle to make ends meet and exist in utter obscurity, let's go with that.

Theodore Thespian is up at 11am and ready to start his day. Go easy on himhe worked a double at the Cheesecake Factory last night. However, today is his day off, so he's ready for a full day of doing actor-y stuff! In the back of his mind, he's realizing that he's…a waiter. When he was little he wanted to be a doctor, and then simply hoped that as a star, he could play a doctor, and perhaps after filming, play doctor with his co-star.