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Typical Day

Dorkus Nerdlinger takes his Prius to work. It was a relatively expensive car but he loved the engineering of the on-off thingy that shut down the car's gas engine when it was at a stop light. Dorkus works for Shmoeing Labs, a giant publicly traded defense contractor. What do they contract? Projects from the government. Secret ones. Dangerous ones. Ones that go boom.

Dorkus has been at Shmoeing for 34 years and has done just about everything there. He began his career as a kind of ombudsman: He came out of Annapolis and knew "everyone" in the space program. His job after leaving active duty was to shake hands with the muckymucks who green light money from the U.S. government to pay for Shmoeing to design and build stuff. 

But Dorkus was actually a good engineer and he was lucky to be able to be assigned the left front door hinges on the Space Shuttle. They had to handle a lot of rattling. Cold then hot temps. And other compressive forces. Sort of like the back of the van Dorkus had dreamed of owning on his lonely Saturday nights as a youth.