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Air Tanker Pilot

Bell Curve


You just completed your copilot requirements, and you were lucky enough to pick up a relief pilot job with a fire crew out west. You're not racking up as many hours as you had hoped, but maybe this will get your foot in the door.


You managed to land a coveted full-time assignment with last year's fill-in employer. Didn't hurt that your best bud was an A&P for the company. You owe him one, big time.


Fast-forward six years, and you're on your way to the captain's seat with one of the industry's top employers. Getting that captain's card is your top priority, as that makes you more valuable to your employer...and paves the way for something else you've got in mind.


Five more years gone by, and you've had your captain's card for two of them. You've been flying as much as you can, racking up the hours and the dollars, while you quietly put together a plan to purchase three tankers and start your own company.


Eight more years. Your company's been operating for five years, and you're steadily gaining market share, fielding nearly new tankers while your competitors struggle to maintain their old workhorse aircraft. You're adding two Air Tractor helicopters this year, and you're scoping out the Canadian market. The sky's the limit.