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Average Salary: $122,530

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $5,115,000

It's hard to put a price tag on the job...but here it is and the price tag reads "110,000." I guess it wasn't that hard. (Source)

It's hard to put a price on an air controller's job. Thousands of people rely on their ability to remain focused. However, the median annual wage for an air traffic controller is around $110,000. Since air traffic controllers make a heftier wage than other federal government employees, they're able to retire earlier in their career, which means more available jobs.

Air traffic controllers can make more money depending on the rating of their facility. Each air traffic facility is given a rating from one to eight. The higher the rating, the more money the air traffic controller makes. Additionally, air traffic controllers make more money when they work between 6:00PM and 6:00AM, Sundays, and holidays. 

We'll leave it up to you whether more present money makes up for missing the actual holiday.