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Bell Curve


You get a job assisting a dog trainer trying to break into the business. Basically all you do is clean up the animals' business.


You're the assistant manager for the training division of a nationwide chain of pet stores. Your job is to snag the folks in the amphibian aisle and get them to come to the turtle workout classes.


You spend part of your time touring the state's schools with your trained sugar gliders and the rest at a dog agility center.


You gain national fame when the touring company of Annie calls. You and Spike (also known as "Sandy") watch the sun come up tomorrow in many exciting locales.


Your secret to training nocturnal family pets to fall asleep the minute the sun rises has been patented and sold. Hordes (and flocks, packs, schools, whatever) of gerbils, guinea pigs, and hamsters are no longer being returned to the pet stores.