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Have you seen a manager go at it with an umpire? You know, after a strikeout or call that the manager happens to disagree with? Where else can you see a grown man shouting and spitting and raging in the face of a stoic, underpaid league employee, over a call said employee made that the manager can't actually change?

And that's when the dirt really begins to fly. (Source)

The worst thing that could happen to you—provided you don't flat-out punch anyone in the face—is you get kicked out of the game.

As fun as emotional managerial outbursts are, they're only a small part of the game—and the glory. In truth, you're the one making all the big decisions for a team. Batters get paid to hit the ball, and pitchers get paid to throw them, but you're the one getting paid to tell them where, how, and when. 

You make the call to the bullpen, you put a pinch-runner on for the slow guy on second base, you tell the pitcher to walk a batter to get to the next one. And if after all that, you manage to win the game, guess who gets the credit?

The players.

Okay, so your glory's still going to be a little more subdued, but trust us—when it comes time to give credit after the biggest win, you're the one getting drenched in Gatorade.