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Baseball used to be the top sport in America. Now it's football. Why? There are many theories on the subject. Maybe it's because baseball really is too boring for a society raised on sound bytes, video clips, and high speed internet. Maybe it's because Americans want to see giant men crashing into each other repeatedly for three hours every Sunday. Maybe it's because shiny silk pants, shoulder pads, and helmets with face masks are more stylish than hats, leather gloves, and button-up shirts. Maybe it's because football is more violent than baseball and Americans need their violence. For more on the subject, check this out: Baseball versus Football.

But if you are the manager, your glory days as a player are over anyway. Who got more attention, Mr. Miyagi or The Karate Kid? It doesn't mean coaching can't bring you prowess. Winning will get you more money and maybe a statue outside of the stadium. But the real glory will come in knowing that you turned a crappy squad into a .500 ball club.