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Baseball Manager

Odds of Getting In

There are only thirty MLB teams, but there are hundreds of coaches and former players looking to get into major league coaching gigs. That's why your résumé of success is paramount, and not just as a player. 

Sure, in your heyday you could throw a fastball at over a hundred miles an hour, but can you understand the nuances of the game well enough to decide when to call for a bunt, or who should bat second in the lineup? It's not all so easy as balls and strikes.

If you're determined to make it as a major league manager, you might have to work your way up the ladder by coaching in the minors, getting a job as an assistant, schmoozing anyone who'll listen, and waiting for your opportunity.

That means you've got to have patience. But we're sure you'll be fine in that department. This is baseball we're talking about—there's a reason for the seventh-inning stretch.