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Odds of Getting In

Anyone can become a beekeeper. Urban beekeeping has experienced a resurgence since 2000, and more and more cities are agreeing that it's okay for people to keep hives in their backyards (though not all; it's still illegal in some cities). You’ll probably find more private backyard hives in cities like Portland and Eugene, Oregon; Boulder, Colorado; Madison, Wisconsin; and San Francisco, California.

But if it’s a professional beekeeper we’re talking about—someone who works for a company or starts up his or her own company, that's a bee of a different color.

  • You've got to learn about entomology (the study of insects, and of bees in particular)
  • Showing an interest in becoming an intern (paid or not, though of course, paid is always better) for a professional beekeeper or company that produces honey and keeps hives year-round is always a good option.
  • Attend a beekeeping conference, network, make yourself and your interests known.