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Physical Danger

If you're a child under the age of one, it's recommended you don't eat honey, as it sometimes contains a form of a dormant endospore botulinum, which can be dangerous, and even fatal to you. Sorry to disappoint all you infants out there, but you're just going to have to wait until you're a little bit older before farming insects for a living.

For the rest of you, there are more realistic, yet modest, dangers. Yes, you'll get stung from time to time. Yes, even though you wear the suit. Yes, even though the bees are your friends. If you're not terribly allergic (most people are a little allergic—hence the little bump that appears after a sting), you'll survive and eventually even get used to it. 

Other than that, you're going to be up and about, exercising, in the sunshine, and listening to the soft hum of a thousand little bumblebees as you taste test honey. Suffice to say, beekeeping was not included among Forbes' top ten list of Most Dangerous Jobs.