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There are beekeeping qualification programs in many states—you can also visit the EAS Master Beekeeping Certification program site where you can apply for the certification exam online.

Taking various workshops, having your own backyard hives, and participating in an internship with a larger beekeeping company is what looks best on a résumé if you’re hoping to work for a large organization.

If you want to start your own small business, having a bit of land and the means to pay for the tools and needs of the bees, as well as having some workshops under your belt, is about as qualified as you can get. Practice makes perfect.

But really it's an interest in the study of bees (apiology) and insects themselves (entomology) that will set you up as a successful beekeeper. (Well, that and the love of the feeling you get lying atop a buzzing hive and that—again—blissed-out feeling one apparently gets. Not to mention the nectar of the Gods: honey.)