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Brain Surgeon

20-Year Prospect

There are more than seven billion people on planet Earth today and, by 2050, there will probably be 9.6 billion of us. Given that we’ve all got brains – although some of us are better at utilizing them than others – we’d bet that brain surgeons will still be around twenty years from now.

Not that there will be just tons and tons of brain surgeons in the future. The tumors these specialists operate on are relatively rare, given the size of the American population – about 220 people in every 100,000 live with the diagnosis of a brain tumor.

And have you ever smelled human brain? We’ve heard that the odor of this particular organ is enough to drive many a medical student to gynecology and obstetrics.

In other words: yes, brain surgeon will be a career option in the future…but only a few thousand people will end up with the kind of training that will let them poke around inside of patients’ heads.