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"Anything is possible," said Dr. Ben Carson, one of the most famous neurosurgeons of our time. Dr. Carson is famous for separating two conjoined twins joined in the back of the head (and for running for president, but that's not as relevant here). Not an easy procedure. It took Dr. Carson twenty-two hours to separate the major cerebral blood drainage system that they shared. 

In order for them to stay alive during the operation, Dr. Carson lowered their body temperature and made them go into cardiac arrest to save brain tissue. It'd be a little while before they could start making Doublemint gum commercials.

Work hard and you could also reach the same fame level that Dr. Robert White achieved. During the course of his career, Dr. White published hundreds of articles, founded a brain research laboratory, was nominated for the Nobel Prize, and handled Lenin's brain. The story behind the brain actually starts before Lenin died. He had suffered from cerebrovascular accidents (strokes), which limited his communication. 

After Lenin died, the famous German neurologist removed the brain for an autopsy. Other famous doctors schlepped over to Russia to take a look at the brain. The Russians built The Institute of the Brain, so others could be investigated. Dr. White happened to be one of those doctors on hand to inspect Lenin's noodle.