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Cake is glorious. Tasty, sweet, fluffy cake. It melts in your mouth and all over your face. Cake is—

Sorry. We were thinking about cake again. Where were we?

It may seem like a bottom-rung service industry job—and for some people it is—but catering and hospitality can be a very glorious industry for some people.

For starters, if you're responsible for running an event, then someone is counting on you to make their special day fun and stress-free. You'll feel glorious from the smiles on their faces...or maybe from the cash you get in return. Glory is glory, right?

Then there are the massive events you may run, in which case a successful event means serving food and providing service in a timely and professional manner for hundreds of people over the course of a three-to-eight-hour period. Just the fact that you're still standing at the end is fairly glorious. Luckily, you also get paid.

That's cool too. You can use that money to buy more cake.