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Odds of Hanging On

There are plenty of politics involved. Restaurants are revolving doors (especially places like the Cheesecake Factory, with actual revolving doors), so it's a lot about who you know and who is willing and able to hook you up somewhere else. Most jobs are obtained via personal referrals, so don't expect you can treat everyone like Mr. Ramsay does and have everything be smooth sailing. You're going to want to make some friends in the biz.

Your odds of hanging on also have something to do with the type of establishment you're working for, and how good a chef you are. It's tough having to bounce from one place to another, because you may have to learn an entirely new menu (even if you have a bit of input on the dishes to be offered) and have to adjust to a new environment, new people, etc. But if you are able to land yourself one of those cushy, secure chef gigs, then we like your chances. Food for thought.