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Bell Curve


While trying to invent a great-tasting new soft drink, you create a mixture of ammonia and acrylonitrile. Hope you're a fan of violent polymerizations.


You are involved in the construction and operation of an industrial plant. It freaks you out that the place where you work looks like a lair a Batman villain may have been constructed.


You work in a lab at Kraft designing new, deliciously cheesy products. (Right now you're optimizing imitation cheese for their Mac and Cheese.) You're hoping that the buying public doesn't really believe in that "accept no substitutes" baloney.


You are the head chemical engineer at Dove, and are currently in charge of a project to optimize their "weightless" conditioners. The goal is to make people's hair so silky soft that old, rich women will want to wear stoles around their necks made from your luxurious tresses.


You are the top petrochemical engineer in the world. You eat, sleep, and breathe oil. Which may be the reason for your respiratory problem.