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Does your ego feed on appreciation? Do you like people to fawn all over you with sycophant-like devotion? You might want to rethink your priorities before you get much further with this career. Yes, your clients might toss off a mumbled "thanks" as they press the check into your hand. On the other hand, you might get no acknowledgement at all after you pull their computer(s) back from the dark abyss of a hard drive crash. You'll find a way to adjust as long as they pay the bill.

However, you also might experience that rarest of occurrences: a heartfelt handshake or hug as you retrieve treasured family photos from a decade-old computer with a moribund operating system. You may receive a sincere "thank you" from a business owner who can now access his accounts receivable database and call his deadbeat customers. Don't ever count on these happy outcomes, and you'll be pleasantly surprised when they occur.