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Computer Repair Technician

Odds of Getting In

We all know computer geeks are taking over the world. Really, when you consider the growing multitude of PCs and Macs, notebooks, and tablets, how could you reach any other conclusion? Well, sometimes these magical devices slow down, freeze up, or self-destruct in spectacular fashion. Sometimes the black boxes (or white boxes for you Mac fanatics) work fine, but the software inside needs some upgrades. A good computer repair tech (that means you) can handle these challenges without breaking a sweat.

Now what about all those businesses that use computers in their daily operations? You've got corporate accounting departments churning out millions of numbers daily (plus thousands of small business accounting clerks struggling to finish the payroll on ancient PCs gasping their last breath). Add business security systems, sales tracking programs, customer relationship management databases, and CNC manufacturing equipment...and the list goes on. With more and more businesses computerizing their operations, computer repair technicians will have plenty of systems to fix.

How can you get a piece of this very profitable pie? First, it's a no-brainer that you've got to graduate from high school. A specialty certification from a community college or technical school will give you a leg up, and so will computer-related military service experience. If you've been fixing your family's and neighbors' computers since you were 14 years old, a couple of testimonial letters (that means "atta boys!") might push you over the top.