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Computer Repair Technician

Physical Danger

Here's the good news: A computer repair tech gig generally comes with a nice, comfy set of working conditions. Computers don't like to sweat in hot rooms with no air conditioning; they can get overheated and malfunction if they get PO'd enough. Most home users and business owners don't want this annoying—and expensive—inconvenience, so they operate their computer systems in a climate-controlled environment. This means you won't be dripping stinky sweat onto the computer components while you're trying to coax them back to life. Super-cautious system owners unplug their hardware prior to thunderstorms. This means you reduce the chance you'll get fried by a lightning strike while you're buried in motherboards and hard drives.

However, you might encounter an unseen, potentially life-threatening hazard insiders only discuss behind closed doors. Remember the control-freak computer Hal from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? Since the film, Hal has reportedly morphed off the movie screen and into thousands of computer hard drives, patiently waiting for his chance to wreak maximum havoc with unsuspecting operating systems. Do you dare to challenge this masterful, malevolent monster? Can you possibly prevail? We haven't found anyone who knows for sure—maybe you can be the computer tech who outsmarts this evil genius.