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Bell Curve


You were in charge of costuming a prominent performer during the Super Bowl halftime show. Unfortunately, the front of her dress "popped" open on live television. Good luck finding anyone else to hire such an incompetent boob.


You've been at this a few years, but you've got a ways to go before you're making a living at it. You are currently working as a pattern maker in a costume shop, but you've got some good "ins" and are hopeful that you'll get to work production within a couple of years. Because you're getting tired of repeating your same old patterns.


You've been doing costuming for a number of independent films, but you haven’t quite achieved "designer" status just yet. You're learning from one of the best though, so it's only a matter of time. Before you steal her job and send her crying to the breadline. Have you no heart?


You are a Hollywood costume designer who works regularly and makes good money. You get to do what you love, and people appreciate the job that you do. Your parents finally forgive you for passing on that full ride to Yale.


You just won your third Oscar for Costume Design! This one was for a 17th century period piece. In fact, you only do period pieces. They're such easy Oscar bait.